Örteks/Megaplast is one of the leading synthetic leather (coated textile) manufacturers in Turkey with 41 years of experience in the sector and it’s state of the art facilities located in Istanbul. Örteks/Megaplast has continuously extended its scope of business and products in accordance with the changing needs of the market. Our products are now used at a wide range of sectors including; upholstery, garments, accessories, handbags, shoes, home textile, wall covering, hospitality, marine, healthcare and transport. Every process that forms the end-product from embossing and printing to the knitting of fabrics performed at our establishment by our experienced and trained production, lab, research and development staff so we can assure our customers about total product quality. The products can also be customized with additional attributes such as; fire resistance, alcohol, salt-chlorine water and UV resistance, dirt repellent, anti-bacterial, water and oil repellent. We also provide urine, blood and saliva resistance depending on customer preferences. We conduct tear resistance, abrasion, light stability, color speed, elongation, flexibility and other various tests at our labs to minimize product defects and approve them before sending to our customers.

The company has proven its consistency in providing high quality products and customer service throughout the years by always maintaining a respectable market share and a good reputation within the local market while also working with important wholesalers abroad which sell our products to high end retailers. We have achieved this success by always keeping innovation as a priority, following the latest developments to maintain our competitive edge to mention our knowledge and experience.



Our roadmap for the future is built upon respect for the environment and human life. We promise to continuously develop and innovate solutions and products that are not only affordable but also provide security, protection, comfort as well as beauty to contribute to a healthy, happy and comfortable life for generations to come.


We exist to develop products and solutions with our team of expert professionals within the artificial leather and textile industry, to provide the best service to all our customers, to provide an open communication to all stakeholders, to strive to go even beyond their expectations and earn their continuous trust. This is our mission and the foundation of our success.


– We not only see service as a mission of our company, we also care about cooperation for customer oriented relationship on all our processes.
– We believe that we can always improve customer satisfaction with faith,dialogue and lots of smiles.
– Our priorities are Human health and environment , our goal is always providing positive effects to the ecosystem. All of our processes we stick to legal terms and regulations.
– We heed improve of our employees, we believe that we can improve high quality and high performanced products with education.
– Espousing process management from raw material to product delivery to the customers, is our priority.
– We believe that sustainable work helps us for recognizing at international area, our working process feed from sustainability.